Welcome to Talkin' Tables


Following the Radio 4 broadcast on 12th October, we have had an amazing response. Unfortunately, technical difficulties have arisen and we have lost many of the communications sent to us.

If you have not received a reply, please re-send your enquiry to info@talkintables.co.uk and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

We are Talkin' Tables! 

Conquering Loneliness one Table at a Time!

Bringing People Together one Table at a time!

At Talkin’ Tables, we work with awesome local businesses to create facilitated inclusive spaces that allow people to meet & connect with others in their community.

How Talkin' Tables Works

Each of the businesses we partner with hosts their Talkin’ Table for one hour at a time. The tables are free for anyone to join, and a table leader is present for the hour to welcome people to the table and act as a point of contact for the charity.

1. Find your Talkin’ Table

The “Talkin’ Tables” are the ones marked with the small sign inviting you to sit and join in. 

2. Get Comfortable

This is a safe, inclusive space so pull up a chair and enjoy the company of others. 

3. Enjoy the conversation

Remember to always be kind and respectful